Biomarine Pack


Take your skin to new levels of health and vitality with a two-step care routine with Biomarine Moisturizing Cream and Biomarine Mask.

  1. Moisturizes, tones and revitalizes your skin.
  2. High antiseptic and healing power.
  3. Biomarine mask: Repairs cracked and reddened skin.
  4. Moisturizing cream: Immediate absorption.
  5. Moisturizing cream: Perfect for use as aftershave.
  6. The convenience of an all-in-one.

The Biomarino pack brings together everything you need for a simple and deep skin care routine with just two products. It includes: A body and face moisturizer with over 20% organic ingredients. Moisturizes, tones and regenerates your skin. High antiseptic and healing power. Repairs cracked and reddened skin. An organic mask with more than 20% of organic ingredients, which nourishes our skin and face. The Biomarine Mask regenerates, purifies and stimulates our skin thanks to its combination of organic ingredients. Deep purification and regeneration of the skin. High antiseptic and healing power. Repairs cracked and reddened skin. The biomarine formula of all LoLo products is 100% vegan and Zero Waste.

  1. Biomarine Moisturizing Cream
  2. Apply to the skin daily or after a day of high intensity.
  3. A small amount of product the size of an almond will do.
  4. Spread the product on the skin with a gentle massage in a circle until it is completely absorbed.
  5. We can use it as aftershave. Apply a small amount of product after shaving in order to regenerate the skin and provide elasticity.
  6. Biomarine mask
  7. Wash your face well with soap and water or with a facial cleanser.
  8. We exfoliate our skin to remove dirt and open the pores.
  9. Spread the product with the help of a brush or with your hands on the desired area.
  10. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  11. Rinse with plenty of warm water until the product is completely removed.
  12. Optional. Apply the biomarine moisturizing cream for an optimal result.
  13. For dry skin, we recommend using it once or twice a month. If your skin is oily, once a week. If you have normal skin, once a fortnight will suffice.

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