Pack Daily Comfort


The day to day with the hygienic mask can become very long and dangerous for the skin. Protect yourself from the dreaded maskné with the best pocket companions: biomarine moisturizer and biomarine lip balm. Ecological prevention and relief.

  1. 1. Biomarine moisturizing cream 50ml to moisturize before and after the use of the mask.
  2. 2. Biomarine lip balm 50 ml to protect and soothe dry and irritated areas.

Biomarine moisturizing cream for body and face formulated with more than 20% organic ingredients. Moisturizes, tones and regenerates your skin. High antiseptic and healing power. Repairs cracked and reddened skin. Biomarine lip balm is designed to protect your lips in the most extreme conditions. Use it during and after activity to ensure complete regeneration. The biomarine formula of all LoLo products is 100% vegan and Zero Waste.

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